Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 - parametry td32.exe

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Parametry td32.exe

Poniższy opis parametrów Turbo Debuggera pochodzi z dokumentacji do programu VIDE (V Integrated Development Environment) dostępnego pod adresem:

switch Switch Description
-as<#> -ar<#> (NT only) Attach to running process: s=stop, r=run, id = #
-ae<#>(NT only) Post-mortem event handle, decimal event handle = #
-c<file>Use configuration file <file>
-h,-?Display this help screen
-ji,-jn,-jp,-juState restore: i=Ignore old,n=None,p=Prompt old,u=Use old
-lAssembler startup
-pUse mouse
-scNo case checking on symbols
-sd<dir>Source file directory <dir>
-t<dir>Start with current directory <dir>

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